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I could not have been happier.

Christmas…from a Christmas tree grower’s perspective

There were no presents that could be held and fondled and played with, but there were many wonderful gifts that could not be seen but could be felt. There was the gift of boundless love. We knew God loved us.

We all loved each other. We did not miss the presents because we had all these glorious gifts. It made me feel so wonderful and secure to belong and to be part of all that went on. We wanted nothing else. We did not miss the presents at all. I never remember a happier Christmas in my childhood.

We all enjoy giving and receiving presents. But there is a difference between presents and gifts.

Seidman: There are scammers amongst us this holiday season

Of course, among the greatest of gifts is the gift of love. When I was called to the holy apostleship, President Spencer W. Kimball — gave me a kiss on the cheek. I felt his whiskers. Love seeks to give rather than to get.

Christmas with KATiE at Dibble St W, Prescott, Ontario, Prescott

Charity towards and compassion for others is a way to overcome too much self-love. He whose birth we celebrate has told us that all of the law and the prophets is contained in loving God and our fellowmen. Anciently the three Wise Men came from afar to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. Would it not be marvelous this Christmas if we could personally give gifts to the Savior?

I believe this is possible to do. Said Jesus:.

Merry Merry Christmas! : Sherry Dibble

So as we help the sick and clothe the naked and attend to the stranger, we personally give gifts to our Savior. Among these true gifts are some our family shared on that boyhood Christmas I told you about: the gift of peace, the gift of love, the gift of service, the gift of self, and the gift of faith.

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All of us enjoy wonderful gifts from God which, if developed, can be enjoyed by others. At this Christmas season, so many of us have enjoyed the musical and literary gifts of Handel, Dickens, and many others. The sharing of these natural gifts blesses both the giver and the receiver. This Christmas and every Christmas will be richer by sharing and enjoying gifts that cannot be held but only felt. Many years ago I went to the hospital to give a blessing to a young man named Nick and his sister Michelle. Nick is a friend of mine and former home teaching companion, and his young life was threatened by a kidney disease.

Nick had not been well for a long time. You see, Michelle had given the gift not knowing if it would be accepted; fortunately it was. In like manner, our Heavenly Father has given us so many wonderful gifts not knowing if they would be accepted. He has offered us His peace, His comfort, His love. All we have to do to accept His gifts is to be obedient and follow Him. There are so many problems facing us individually and collectively.

With gifts such as these, I am sure everyone could feel as I did that wonderful Christmas so long ago when we had no presents to hold and play with. I would not have wanted to trade places with any prince of the world with his room full of toys. The gifts of love, peace, service, self, and faith so generously given made me feel so fulfilled. It made me feel that I must be somebody special to be part of so much love. A block away, on an empty lot, some members of the caravan spent the morning hours passing out 6, Honduran-style tamales cooked on an open fire. The migrants themselves made the tamales, using donations to purchase ingredients: banana leaves and chicken.

Because the traditional Honduran corn dough is not available in Tijuana, they had to make do with Mexican-style Maseca, a corn dough cooked in an alkaline solution.

A Dibble Christmas

Few were complaining, and by early afternoon, they were down to the final few. Away from his family, Medardo Maldonado, a year-old deliveryman from the Santa Cruz region of Honduras, kept busy pouring soft drinks to accompany the tamales. Real Estate. About Us. Community papers.

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Corey Pahanish is the executive director of the Bayside Community Center, a nonprofit providing services, education and advocacy for the diverse community of Linda Vista. After serving in the Army, Theo Logan started a real estate business and helped people in his community become homeowners.

North County. Vista theaters are the stars in Disney streaming series debut.

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Through persistence and some medical sleuthing, she found out why. San Diego. Briggs criticizing Elliott for law requiring safe firearms storage. Lawsuit says city utilities department leader was fired for exposing illegal activity. Prominent San Diego biotech agency Canale acquired by billion-dollar communications group. Mother and daughter rescued in Otay Mountain Wilderness. A mother and her year-old daughter were rescued from the Otay Mountain Wilderness and treated for hypothermia Friday, authorities said.

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Christmas with KATiE

Far from home, Central American migrants celebrate Christmas in Tijuana. Sandra Dibble. Follow Us.



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