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Control a fatty bird that can't help but ricochet! Activate secret passages and collect the gems you need to unlock the door in each stage. Have fun!

Control a real T-Rex and help him run away from the cage he's trapped in. Jump the fence and eat all the humans you find on your way!


Book Review: L.A. Rex by Will Beall: LAist

Are you a Naruto fan? Crazy Naruto combines the best of the series with stunning graphics and anime style battles, allowing players to control their favorite hero to go his own way to become an unstoppable Ninja. Part two! Enjoy a game for 1 or 2 players in which you will have to face a hand-to-hand gun duel against dangerous opponents.

Will you succeed in knocking your opponent down and winning? Rooftop Snipers 2 made playable by Poki. Enjoy torturing this trollface doll in an action-packed game! Take your time as you collect coins and unlock all sorts of new weapons -- get ready to use knives, machine guns, pikes, bombs and other spiky objects! Enjoy this new version of "Happy Wheels"! Manage to reach the goal on any vehicle as you dodge obstacles and avoid the traps! World of Tanks is a cult MMO game dedicated to armored machines that has won the affection of players all over the world.

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A variety of in-game locations, historical accuracy, realistic gameplay — join the army of tankers already tearing up the battlefield and plunge into legendary combat! Help Captain America sneak into one of Hydra's bases watched by dozens of soldiers.

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Use his shield to get rid of them and take over the base to crush their evil plans! Enjoy this challenging fighting game and try to survive on the streets! Watch your back and have fun!

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Choose your favorite stickman and get ready for a thrilling battle packed with special moves and combos! Have fun with this complex endless platformer with random stages. Enjoy action-packed levels as you dodge hundreds of deadly traps! Step on the gas and enjoy this amazing space race! Dodge all sorts of obstacles, collect power-ups and try to overtake your rivals! Good look! Top comments will be displayed here. Follow these rules and you'll have better chances of finding yours among them. Multiplayer Online Players. Mobile games. With Minicoins.

Book Review: L.A. Rex by Will Beall

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L.A Rex

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Rex is an ambitious adventurer who travels in the depths of the jungle, looking for.. The most feared T-Rex of all times is back and it is deadlier than ever! The giant.. T-Rex dinosaur is ready to terrorize New York city! Are you ready? Smash the city.. The powerful dinosaur Rex caused enough destruction where he was, so he came to Paris to.. A giant T-Rex is destroying the streets of London, terrifying innocent people!

The giant dianosaur is out to terrorize the hot and fun city of Miami! This time, the.. You went to visit the Dinosaur World. You heard so much about this place People say.. You are about to add a new member to your monstruous robot dinosaur army! Unpack your toy.. Rex is an art lover Well, kind of. He likes to go to the museum to eat art pieces. A bloody action game.

L.A. Rex L.A. Rex
L.A. Rex L.A. Rex
L.A. Rex L.A. Rex
L.A. Rex L.A. Rex
L.A. Rex L.A. Rex

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