Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)

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7th Heaven (1927)

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Deep inside the Congo rainforest, sexy adventurer Lana Craft searches for clues regarding the disappearance of several local tribeswomen. The end of the footprints only leads to an even greater mystery and more questions when she stumbles upon a giant statue of an ape man, hundreds of years old. Now, her body starts to transform, all while a towering beast lurks in the jungle waiting to strike.

Length: 13, words This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions. Themes include animal transformation, mental corruption, pregnancy, and other perverted fantasies. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old. Excerpt: When she looked down at her arm, Lana noticed something peculiar. All along the skin from the wrist to the shoulder were fine little black hairs.

Each one had at least an inch of separation from the next closest one, but that didn't make the observation any easier to understand.

With a quick tug, she confirmed that the follicles of all of them were firmly planted into her skin. As the youngest member in a long family line of brown-haired individuals, it was quite a contrast to what was normally on her arm. The fine fuzz was still there, but now a few black strands dotted the landscape on her limb, only adding to the sense that something was truly wrong. It's calmed down some, though.

Lana only mustered a short-lived smile.

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Though her partner was only a few feet away, she couldn't help but feel a pair of eyes burning into the back side of her scalp. The new hairs on her arms began to stand straight out and erect. Slowly, she turned her head and looked up at the ape statue towering over her. Darkness and shadows hid much of the details, but her eyes could barely look at the thing.

7th Heaven (1927)

She felt vulnerable and defenseless, out in the open with nothing to protect herself. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Gregor Daniels. Swap Trip Gender Transformation. My Alien Summer Gender Transformation. Not Enabled. Related video shorts 0 Upload your video.

Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Another gender bender from Daniels featuring his homage to Lara croft,Lana. Spencer Tracy stars as Macreedy, a one-armed man who arrives unexpectedly one day at the sleepy desert town of Black Rock. He is just as tight-lipped at first about the reason for his visit as the residents of Black Rock are about the details of their town. However, when Macreedy announces that he is looking for a former Japanese-American Black Rock resident named Komoko, town skeletons suddenly burst into the open.

Director John Sturges displays the western landscape to great advantage in this CinemaScope production. Stark, brutal story based on the Charles Starkweather-Carol Fugate murder spree through the Midwest in , with Martin Sheen as the killer lashing out against a society that ignores his existence and Sissy Spacek as his naive teenage consort. Sheen is forceful and properly weird as the mass murderer, strutting around pretending to be James Dean, while Spacek doesn't quite understand what he's all about, but goes along anyway.

Director Terrence Malick neither romanticizes nor condemns his subjects, maintaining a low-key approach to the story that results in a fascinating character study.

Daniels, Gregor. Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) / Animal TF | Strigis

The film did scant box office business, but it remains one of the most impressive of directorial debuts. In this Howard Hawks-directed screwball comedy, showgirl and gangster's moll Sugarpuss O'Shea Barbara Stanwyck hides from the law among a group of scholars compiling an encyclopedia. Cooling her heels until the heat lets up, Sugarpuss charms the elderly academics and bewitches the young professor in charge Gary Cooper. Hawks deftly shapes an effervescent, innuendo-packed Billy Wilder-Charles Brackett script into a swing-era version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or "squirrely cherubs," as Sugarpuss christens them.

Filled with colorful period slang and boogie-woogie tunes and highlighted by an energetic performance from legendary drummer Gene Krupa, the film captures a pre-World War II lightheartedness. One of Walt Disney's timeless classics and his own personal favorite , this animated coming-of-age tale of a wide-eyed fawn's life in the forest has enchanted generations since its debut nearly 70 years ago. Filled with iconic characters and moments, the film features beautiful images that were the result of extensive nature studies by Disney's animators. Its realistic characters capture human and animal qualities in the time-honored tradition of folklore and fable, which enhance the movie's resonating, emotional power.

Treasured as one of film's most heart-rending stories of parental love, "Bambi" also has come to be recognized for its eloquent message of nature conservation. Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant, Nanette Fabray and Jack Buchanan star in this sophisticated backstage toe-tapper directed by Vincente Minnelli, widely considered one of the greatest movie musicals of all time.

Astaire plays a washed-up movie star in reality he'd been a succesful performer for nearly 30 years who tries his luck on Broadway, under the direction of irrepressible mad genius Buchanan. Fred Astaire would only make three more musicals after "The Band Wagon," before turning to a film and television career that included the occasional turn as a dramatic actor.

Lobby card Additional artwork. Perhaps more than any other film comedian in the early days of movies, W. Fields is an acquired taste. His absurdist brand of humor, at once dry and surreal, endures for the simple reason that the movies bear up under repeated viewings; in fact, it's almost a necessity to watch them over and over, if only to figure out why they're so funny.

In his second-to-last feature, The Bank Dick which he wrote under the moniker "Mahatma Kane Jeeves" , Fields as unemployed layabout Egbert Souse -- Soosay, if you don't mind -- replaces drunk movie director A. Pismo Clam on a location shoot in his hometown of Lompoc, California before chance lands him in the job of bank detective -- after which the movie becomes a riff on the comic possibilities of his new-found notoriety.

Pinkerton Snoopington.

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After beginning his career on the stage where he originated the role of Messala in "Ben-Hur" in , William S. Hart found his greatest fame as the silent screen's most popular cowboy. Some 1, men died in the battle. Filmed by Jules Buck. Unlike many other military documentaries, Huston's cameramen filmed alongside the Army's rd regiment, 36th division infantrymen, placing themselves within feet of mortar and shell fire. The film is unflinching in its realism and was held up from being shown to the public by the United States Army.

Huston quickly became unpopular with the Army, not only for the film but also for his response to the accusation that the film was anti-war. Huston responded that if he ever made a pro-war film, he should be shot. Because it showed dead GIs wrapped in mattress covers, some officers tried to prevent troopers in training from seeing it, for fear of morale. General George Marshall came to the film's defense, stating that because of the film's gritty realism, it would make a good training film.

The depiction of death would inspire them to take their training seriously. Subsequently the film was used for that purpose. Huston was no longer considered a pariah; he was decorated and made an honorary major. Al Shaw and Sam Lee were an eccentrically popular vaudeville act of the s.

In they made this eight-minute Vitaphone short for Warner Bros. The duo later appeared in more than a dozen other films, though none possessed the wacky charm of "The Beau Brummels. Shaw's and Lee's reputation has enjoyed a recent renaissance and their brand of dry, offbeat humor is seen by some as well ahead of its time. Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" is an animated, musical retelling of the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince du Beaumont.

The film follows Belle voiced by Paige O'Hara , an intelligent and rebellious young French woman, who is forced to live with a hideous monster, the Beast voiced by Robby Benson , after offering to take her father's place as the Beast's prisoner. Unaware that the Beast is actually an enchanted prince, Belle falls in love with him. Alan Menken won an Oscar for his original score, and he and lyricist Howard Ashman posthumously earned Oscars for the film's theme song "Beauty and the Beast.

Chance, a simple-minded gardener Peter Sellers whose only contact with the outside world is through television, becomes the toast of the town following a series of misunderstandings. Forced outside his protected environment by the death of his wealthy boss, Chance subsumes his late employer's persona, including the man's cultured walk, talk and even his expensive clothes, and is mistaken as "Chauncey Gardner," whose simple adages are interpreted as profound insights.

He becomes the confidant of a dying billionaire industrialist Melvyn Douglas, in an Academy Award-winning performance who happens to be a close adviser to the U. Chance's gardening advice is interpreted as metaphors for political policy and life in general. Jerzy Kosinski, assisted by award-winning screenwriter Robert C.

Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)
Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica) Lana Craft and the Colony of Apes (Transformation Erotica)

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