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Ellen surprises same-sex couple after viral tweet. NYPD partners discover that they're cousins.

The picture, unveiled on social media to celebrate global James Bond Day, shows current Daniel Craig looking moody and focused in a tuxedo, framed against a blue wall. Whatever he's gazing intently at is sure to be revealed in the film, due for release in April The movie was originally scheduled for cinema release on April 3, in the UK and April 8 in the US, but it has been brought forward a day to April 2 by producers.

View this post on Instagram. The latest in the Bond series is hotly anticipated, as it is Craig's last outing as the on-screen spy. The project has been dogged by misfortune with a crew member sustaining injuries following a minor explosion on the UK set, and Craig injuring his ankle while filming in May. Writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought in to amend the finished script at the behest of Craig himself as he felt it was dry and in need of "polishing. The movie, which finished shooting recently in Italy, was shot mostly in London and in Jamaica, as well as in Norway and Italy.

Bond's return to Jamaica sees the spy back on familiar ground as the first Bond film 's "Dr. No" and 's "Live and Let Die" were filmed there. Almost nothing has been revealed about the movie's plot. Producer Barbara Broccoli has said Bond will not be on active service at the start of the script and will be "enjoying himself" in Jamaica rather than on a mission.

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There has been intense speculation about who will take over from the year-old in the titular role. His versatility and innovation make him an excellent choice for our next James Bond adventure. This is exciting news, though perhaps a little bit surprising seeing as Fukunaga left True Detective season 2 and the It movie amid creative disagreements with collaborators.

You would think that, after Danny Boyle's conscious uncoupling, the production team would naturally look for a Bond 25 director with less of a track record for jumping ship — on the other hand, their decision to bring Fukunaga on board suggests they're committed to making this Bond film as special and memorable as himself. The actor also confirmed this will be his last film as film.

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One assumes by "high note" he doesn't mean in a hospital bed, as shooting had to shut down earlier this year thanks to an ankle injury picked up on set by Craig. With Craig leaving the franchise, it should come as no surprise that the big wigs at Eon productions — who are behind the series — already have plans in motion of who could replace the actor as Elsewhere, there'll be several cast returns, as this era of Bond continues to be among the most consistent in terms of supporting players.

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According to the Moneypenny actress, she's "matured somewhat. There are also a handful of newcomers joining No Time to Die. Beyond , the big Bond 25 cast news is that Bohemian Rhapsody Oscar-winner and Mr Robot star Rami Malek is definitely on board, confirming months of rumours.

Christoph Waltz will also reportedly reprise his role as the villainous Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who was left incarcerated — but still alive — at the end of Spectre.

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Quizzed about the return of Waltz and Ben Whishaw back in November, Fukunaga told Inquirer : "Those are two extraordinary actors, so if there is space for them in the story, I would absolutely want them there. Waltz has since been seen at the iconic Pinewood Studios , where every movie, from Dr. So he starts his journey [there]. We've actually been given a sneak peek at the Jamaica scenes recently, thanks to the Twitter account. Leiter is looking the little worse for wear in scenes that harken back to 's original movie outing, Dr.

No, which was also set in Jamaica. Of course, it wouldn't be a Bond flick without a trip back to London. Jamaica is the starting point, but it seems like Daniel Craig's secret agent will be going back to his roots. A recent behind-the-scenes post reveals that a Bond 25 location will, unsurprisingly, be London. Another shooting location could also clue us in on the plot.

Bond is heading back to Scotland for the first time since Skyfall, if recent filming plans as revealed by British newspaper The Daily Mail ring true.

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But don't expect a Skyfall Lodge return; that was actually filmed in Surrey, England. Sorry to disappoint. She has somehow made sense of it. Those looking for No Time to Die to wrap up Craig's stint can also rest easy. Quite the global tour, right? Daniel Craig and company can now rest easy after their travels to Jamaica and beyond.

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No Time To Die No Time To Die
No Time To Die No Time To Die
No Time To Die No Time To Die
No Time To Die No Time To Die
No Time To Die No Time To Die
No Time To Die No Time To Die

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