Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)

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Literalmente o meu mood para esta semana! Por mais simples que seja, escreve! Sabem quais foram sempre os meus maiores pensamentos limitado Mas acham que foram eles que me fizeram parar?

E o melhor de tudo? Porque se eu consegui, qualquer pessoa consegue! Ou seja, a energia masculina quer fazer acontecer e a feminina quer sentir e intuir. Ou o que te comprometes a fazer para te conectares? Ele nem sabia que eu existia mas eu tinha de lhe dizer que gostava dele! Queres namorar comigo? Tens a coragem de colocar os teus sonhos no mundo?

Dança da Lua

No dia em que fiz 18 anos o Daniel escreveu-me a carta que iria mudar o rumo das nossas vidas. Eu era demasiado nova para perceber a magia daquelas palavras mas, exactamente 9 anos depois de nos termos encontrado pela primeira vez no mundo virtual, eu voltei a encontrar essa carta! Porque sejamos honestos, os nossos caminh Posso saber onde quero estar mentalmente e em Inspirem-se sim, inspirem-se muito! Eu certamente tenho as minhas! E muitas! Feliz domingo de selfcare! Nessa altura eu estava muito lo Afinal, quem era eu para ser escritora? Esse nunca tinha sido o meu dom Todos os dias quando acordamos podemos escolher ver o mundo com estas cores.

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Podemos escolher viver a vida como se tudo fosse um milagre. O que vais escolher hoje? Bom diaaaaaaa! Parar, sentir, respirar Onde te sentes totalmente em casa? Feliz segunda-feira!!! Eternamente a explorar cada pedacinho deste nosso planeta Bom dia segunda-feira! Recebo diariam A contar os dias!!!

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Conto contigo??? Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Quem sou eu? Devemos fazer esta pergunta todos os dias, tal como dis Obrigada por tudo! See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Sometimes we need to stop to start over, get lost to meet, take a step back so we can take two forward, travel in time or space to realize that our home is, and always will be, our Heart.

Where we find all the answers and the strength to continue on this amazing journey that is life! Today is a day of beginnings! We are officially starting the second half of , with a new week, a new month and a new lunar cycle! There are still so many dreams to manifest, so many goals to put into practice and so much magic So today I choose to do everything in my power to make all this magic happen!

But one thing is certain, I know with all my strength that my dreams only depend on me and therefore i have no choice but to jump on that precipice knowing that I will never be alone and that the universe will always have A cloud to carry me! The time has come to create the life of our dreams! Let's do this!!! And If, right now, all you need to do is stop, stop! Good morning July!!!

They say that God can appear in our day to day in the most diverse ways In a sunset, in a smile, in a hug, in a love letter, in a miracle, in music, in art, in a message, in a sign For you guys to understand how the signs work, I have to explain to you that me and danny. Yesterday after running and meditating and after weeks in this process so deep, I started to have all the answers I've long been looking for, as if suddenly God had put a seed in my mind that fro to the second. At that moment I could only laugh at happiness and as a child repeat to myself: " God loves me, God is really here "!

I went home with the biggest smile as I kept repeating: " God loves me, God It's right here "!

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I go to the bathroom to take a shower, I start to undress, I look in the mirror and I keep repeating: " God loves me, God is right here ". I'm starting to hear a bird right outside the bathroom singing. I walk out of the bathroom completely naked, I look in front of the balcony and I'm petrified watching a bird look at me while singing In those seconds, which felt like an eternity, tears trickled down my face and all my soul could say was, " thank you for showing me that you're really here with me.

Until then I just want to tell you that God, the universe, or whatever you want to call it, is right here with If there's one thing I want you to remove from this story, it's that we Believe and open to the miracles that are all the time around us. We just have to stay tuned! Who is also as realistic as me who expects many miracles this week? I want to see these yes's in the comments!

Karaoke Lua dos namorados

Good morning Monday!!! Not many years ago although it seems like it was a life ago I had to encounter for the first time with something I had never met before: loneliness.

Until then I had grown up in a house full of people and surrounded by a large family, many friends and boyfriends after boyfriends There, at that moment, I had no other solution but to learn what this "Self-love" was. Self-love is much more than we like what we see in the mirror, to be our best friends and never turn our backs on our dreams.

Self-love is also to be our favorite company that we no longer know the word loneliness. It's feeling so complete with ourselves that we don't need anyone else to complete us, just to complement us! Believe me when I say I had to learn self-love from level 0! But there's one night I'll never forget, the night I took myself out to dinner for the first time.

It was the beginning of all the magic! As in every relationship there are days better than others, but one thing is certain: Self-love is for life! If you are now starting your journey, ask yourself what also at the time I asked myself: " what makes me happy? As simple as it is, write! Listen to your heart! Then start doing one of those things every day, for you and only for you! And watch the magic of self-love invade your life! I'll tell you one more story about me! I confess that even today I have to be super careful with my wrists after Having abused these games as a child!

Above all, yoga has become a spiritual practice, but also a way to daily connect with my essence, creativity and inner child! And that is, in reality, the true spiritual journey, the one that brings us back to ourselves: Body, mind and soul!

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In my program you will find meditations of self-love, live with purpose, manifestation of dreams, energy cleaning, forgiveness, gratitude, deep sleep and much more! Tell me your stories with this practice!!! Happy yoga day and happy summer!!! Yesterday at the webinar I told you how it was to get here, the steps I took to create the career of my dreams Because nothing happens by chance this share was made in full moon, day to free ourselves from everything that does not serve us.

Do you know what my biggest limiting thoughts have always been " I'm not good enough I think you already have the answer to this question! Of course, over the years I learned the meaning of ego and my confidence was increasing, but yesterday I feel that something magical happened!

Elle, coitado! Embriago-me--responder-vos-ha o pobre--porque me quero esquecer do sangue que vertem as minhas feridas.

Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)
Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition) Os namorados da lua (Portuguese Edition)

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