Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)

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By night, proud father of two and husband.

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Alyssa Petersel is the founder and CEO of My Wellbeing, which connects seekers who struggle to find appropriate mental health care with compatible providers. She is also an award winning author, a photographer, a yoga and mindfulness teacher specialist in emotional intelligence, meditation and conscious leadership. She is the founder of the Amanuddin Foundation in Afghanistan that develops the culture of peace and promote wellness to prisoners, women, soldiers, and kids. She is also created the Inner Peace Corps to implement in Middle East, the inner peace keeping program she has designed for humanitarians and refugees, suffering of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, burnout, depression and anxiety.

Single mom to Ben. World Traveler. NYC LA. He is the CEO of Sisense, a high growth Business analytics company democratizing insights from complex data, defined as the next unicorn by Forbes. Farmer, Founder and CEO of Farmshelf, Love building things that empower people to create more and working to feed the world. Based in Brooklyn. Electronics and embedded engineer.. AI and humanity enthusiast.. Passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic.

Enjoy people and discussion where people challenge your mindset. I have mainly involved in drug development academic environments and working in medical affairs departments within the Biotech industry for the last 9 years. Almost born digital. Globetrotting looking for meaningful conversations, fun and nurturing friendship.

I have worked for 20 years in the luxury industry, from watches and jewelry to fashion, and had the chance to live in multiple countries, from Switzerland to Japan and Chine. I am still eager to discover new horizons and hear about ways to build a bright future. Interested in cities, machine learning, robotics, and the intersection of these three. How can we make cities more livable with new technologies? Decades ago Barak perceived how personal technologies could connect individuals and organizations putting the power of computers and networks in the hands of everyone.

His career has been dedicated to making that a reality. Barbara is an entrepreneur and investor, passionate about nature, science and space. She is currently founder and CEO at Interstellar Lab whose mission is to design and build bioregenerative habitats for humans to live sustainably on any planet. Beatrice Sutter is the chief editor of L'ADN, a media print and web that talks about digital culture and innovation. Born in Spain, Beatriz studied Mathematics and Economics in Madrid and London, where she lived for 10 years working in start ups and the financial and legal industries.

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Currently a BD director in Madrid in an international law firm. A creative mind, she is a poetry writer. Enthusiastic and positive, Beatriz is an arts and photography lover also interested in science, technology, philosophy and Lacanian psychoanalysis. She is keen to embrace and contribute to all forms of innovative, irreverent thinking and challenging initiatives that may lead us to foster deeper self consciousness and responsible ways to create a better world.

Currently working on a story about the identification of missing migrants found in the desert. Curious about pretty much everything. Passionate about people and technology ecosystems. Previously Founder of pet wearables company, WonderWoof.

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The recent winner of the Design Technology Award from Fashion Group International New York, Billie specializes in the combination of hardware, software and apparel for wearable technology products. Known for her development of Nadi X, the first smart yoga experience with guidance on the body through smart textiles. Billie is invigorating the fashion industry and transforming it into a business focused on improving the quality of our lives. Billie is an aesthetic specialist with a naturally inquisitive nature towards technology and innovation.

As a garment engineer she strongly believes people should not have to look like the technology that they have grown to love and depend on.

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I am am author, activist, Agilist, and African. Prior to that, I was the MD for an edtech NGO focussing on using technology to advance distribution of indigenous language children's books. I continue to work with various African education NGOs. Founder of first dot-com. Chair Emeritus of EFF. Founding faculty of Singularity U. Now working on robocars. I am a passionate builder of global business operations for US based companies - transforming culture, localizing brands, engaging cross border teams.

I am committed to making a difference through philanthropic and artist engagement. Argentinean artist, started working since the age of 11, I have worked as an actress, as a singer, fashion designing , styling homes, people and carnivals.

Mandalay + Avis et impressions voyage Myanmar - VLOG Birmanie #8

I think that humans should participate more in regenerating the Earth, instead of ruining it. Trying to find the way for empowering artists to follow their dreams. I love my profession because I discovered that I can connect souls and hearts for a good reason.

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  • New York based designer, stylist and artist looking forward to exchanging ideas and concepts for a beautifully crafted, sustainable future. Also, costumes are always a good idea. After 4 years of running Futur. I have a passion for all transformative and ground-breaking experimentations which led me from the contemporary art world to the digital innovation scene.

    I love to lead projects that bring collaborative dynamics and foster dialogue between art and industry, tradition and modernity, research and market. I love to engage communities of creators, entrepreneurs, researchers, public policy-makers and corporates through platforms and events that provide visibility and support to start-up and creative projects. As a global visionary humanitarian, impact investor and knowledge broker I open up a broader discussion about how business can and should be used to make the world sustainable, more just, verdant and peaceful. I globally bring impact investors and Innovative impact entrepreneurs together through which we add sustainable value to the world.

    I have worked with brilliant innovators in nanotechnology, biomedicine, engineering and neuroscience, translating ideas into action in Europe, the US and Australia. I studied mathematics, international economics and Latin America. Technology advisor at Brunswick; science and technology policy advisor, Royal Society.

    Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)

    Fascinated by impact of Ai - real or imagined. If I live to , would most like to reinvent myself as a photographer. Carolyn is passionate about increasing accessibility to nutritious and healthful foods for all. An investor in impact technologies and an advisor for various international start-up companies, Catherine has served as a Menlo Park City Councilmember in Silicon Valley since , elected as Mayor - She also has a parrot, dog, bearded dragon, three chickens and two children-- not necessarily in that order.

    Previously editor-in-chief at Figaro Digital and director of Madame Figaro. My 20 years of experience in the field, as a great reporter and then successful media launches have enabled me to launch an incubator for editorial and technological innovation. The objective of Media Maker, in cooperation with the ESSEC Business School, is to provide this expertise to start-ups and large organizations seeking to evolve, to adapt in our ever-changing world.

    My role is to discover new talents, new technologies and techniques and use them to solve problems or turn great ideas into reality. I also created a free journalism school, the School Media Maker, to promote diversity in the media and to bring out the talents of tomorrow. Since my childhood I have found that bettering the communities I have been apart of has provided me with meaning and purpose.

    Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition) Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)
    Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition) Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)
    Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition) Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)
    Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition) Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)
    Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition) Passages de vies en Birmanie (Essais et documents) (French Edition)

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