Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)

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Spathi—they are our warrior class. No one knows who they are or where they come from. They are mysterious and powerful. It is said one true Spathi can annihilate a group of Dark-Hunters easily. The true Spathi are identified by the mark of a yellow sun that holds a black dragon in its center.

Their leaders are Stryker and Zephyra. The weakest of the Daimons, they prey on humans who are criminals and predators. Dayslayer—we have been told of these since the dawn of our history. No one has ever seen a Dayslayer who is able to walk in daylight. But we believe they exist. It is also believed that one day the one true Dayslayer will come and unite us all so that we can take our place as the rulers of the earth.

It is a day we all dream of. Dikisi—they are called vengeance Daimons.

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They specifically target the humans who have preyed on Apollites. They also target the Dark-Hunters and any who help or serve them. They are governed by a series of leaders. Only the strongest of them is capable of leadership and if a leader is perceived as weak, he is overthrown by his next in command. Most of them are found living in and around human cities.

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They are tough, but not nearly as much as the real thing. Trelos—they are the insane Daimons that even the Daimons hunt and kill. These usually start out as Agkelos who have taken so many criminal and evil souls that it has destroyed their own soul. They no longer have control of themselves and will kill anyone they come into contact with whether they need to feed or not. Kathoros—Said to be even more evil than the Spathi, these Daimons are rare.

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At one time they were believed to have been the servants of the Atlantean war god Misos. Like the Arcadian Sentinels, one half of their faces is tattooed and legend says they shave their heads. Doulos—they are human servants to the Daimons. They guard and protect the Daimons from the humans. Most of them believe they will become a Daimon and have immortality. A member of a race cursed by the god Apollo. They cannot be out in daylight and they must live on the blood of each other. On their 27th birthday, they die a slow and painful death over the course of a twenty-four hour period unless they decide to turn Daimon and prey on human souls.

So long as the human soul is alive inside them, they can live. The moment the soul expires, they die.

Therefore, they are always trying to find new souls to take. They are also called in to execute a "rogue" Dark-Hunter who has turned against humans. Blood-Rites Squires are marked by a spider web-like tattoo on the hand. A race of demons from Atlantis who are extremely violent and amoral. But they have a very interesting code of ethics.

They feed on human souls and fight the Dark-Hunters.

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They are mistakenly called vampires, but vampires are a different entity. Now they protect mankind from the Daimons who want to claim our souls. Another word for demon or demon-kind. It can also be a term of affection between demons, symbolizing brotherhood. Squires who don't serve a specific DH, but who provide a service that helps all of them.

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Doctors, pilots, police officers, judges, etc. They are the gods of sleep who were cursed by Zeus to feel no emotion whatsoever. But they carry within them a dark secret that could completely shake the world in which they live. The Oneroi branch are often helpers to the Dark-Hunters. They are assigned to a specific DH and they maintain the DH's home. They often fetch for them as well.

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They are aids and personal assistants. They live with the Dark-Hunter and help to create an illusion that there's nothing unusual going on with the occupants of a house. Chthonian: A race of Limani: So-called bolt-holes these are doorways that open when Daimons are in trouble. They take the Daimons straight into Kalosis.

Limanis are also many sanctuaries in the human world for us.

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In a pinch, you can always run to a club or home of the Arcadian and Katagaria packs. So long as you keep your fangs in your mouth, they will tolerate you in their havens. DC not kewl. Too many blood-sucking lawyers, IRS, and politicians.

Courtney Freer, Rentier Islamism: The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gulf Monarchies

They have no souls to prey on and the poor pitiful people who do are quickly bled dry by them. You'll starve if you try to live there. A human who speaks with the gods. We think it's because they don't get enough sleep. Too many voices in their head. They are indiscriminate killers and are hunted, then put down by the Strati and Sentinels.

It's also a term that the Arcadians use for any strong Katagari fighter, and one they use to justify killing any Katagari they find. These people around me are Egypt. This was supposed to be the Muslim Brotherhood's moment of triumph. For decades, the venerable Islamist group had fought a cat-and-mouse game with the Egyptian government. Its members were subject to routine roundups and mass arrests and were banned from forming a political party. The Brotherhood abandoned violence decades ago and has changed its public face—pledging to respect the rights of women and religious minorities and declaring that its aim is not an Islamic government but one influenced by Islam.

With the shackles now finally removed, the group seems poised to thrive in the new Egypt.

As protests return to Egypt, the secular and religious revolutions part ways

But with the start on Monday of an extended parliamentary-election season, the Brotherhood finds itself in an awkward position. It is openly vilified by many of the protesters who have been occupying Tahrir Square for the past week.

Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)
Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)
Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)
Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)
Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)
Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)
Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2) Rising Tides (The Brotherhood Book 2)

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