Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)

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Monday, February 5, A Case of Embezzlement. William S. Dance served as clerk for the court in Powhatan County, Virginia, from His long tenure inspired such trust that no one questioned his decisions and he was given special privileges as clerk and keeper of the public square. And as far as is known, he never violated the public trust and was an extraordinary public servant. Not much was written in the county records about Dance's office until Reconstruction. A report filed in March found all the records, such as wills and deeds, "neatly recorded and indexed. At the conclusion of the report, the auditors noted, "we report generally that the clerk's office is in good condition and the records thereof well taken care of and in a good state of preservation.

Graves replaced the Maddoxes and according to reports got clerk's office back into shape except for some records which were simply never found. When Clerk Grave's gave up the job, one of the early commissioners of the clerk's office, Dr. Mayo, took over and served through the remainder of the s and into the s. His tenure was one of the biggest scandals in the county. Powhatan County Courthouse built in , c. Couture tells the story in his book entitled, Powhatan: A Bicentennial History. Mayo, Clerk of this Court has left the County for parts unknown after he had been arrested on a criminal charge and having made no provision to supply his services as clerk of this term or during his absence, the Court doth appoint Willis B.

Smith to act as clerk during this term Since the court already knew that Mayo was not in Powhatan, they added: 'if he be not found at his usual place of abode, by delivering a copy hereof and giving information of its purport to his wife. The indictment charged not only neglect of office, but also embezzlement on three counts. Judge Dabney had a long record of service to the community and had served in the Virginia House of Delegates The report, dated 17 August covered eight pages of material and became an exercise in thoroughness.

However, the auditors noted they only had time to perform a "casual examination. This special grand jury of inquest returned eight counts of perjury. On the same day another jury panel returned 46 charges of embezzlement.

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How long my kisses lingered on your lips! No joy in corrupting Venus to a blind motion: know, if you do not, the eyes are the guides of Love. They say, Paris himself was ruined by the Spartan , Helen , as she rose naked from the bed of Menelaus. And Endymion , they say, was naked, when he aroused Diana , and lay with the naked goddess. And I wish you might tie us like this, clinging together, in chains that no day might ever unloose! Let doves, coupled together in love, be your image, male and female wholly joined.

Earth will sooner taunt farmers with false spring; Sol the sun-god drive with black horses; streams start calling waters back to their fountains; the fish be stranded, the deep dry land; sooner than I can transfer my pangs to another: hers am I living, hers will I be in death.

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But if she will grant me such nights with her as this, one year will be as long as a lifetime. This at least those that come after us can justly praise: our cups of wine offended none of the gods. Just as the leaves fall from dried garlands: you see them scatter in cups and float there: so we, now, the lovers, who hope for great things: perhaps fate, tomorrow, will end our day.

A praetor came just now from the land of Illyria : the greatest prize for you, the greatest worry for me. But you, Venus , O, help me in my pain, let his incessant lusts destroy his member! Can anyone then buy her love with gifts? The shameful girl is undone by money. And I wish that no one in Rome was wealthy, and our Leader himself would live in a thatched cottage.

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You would never lie seven nights apart, your gleaming arms around so vile a man, and not because I have sinned you are the witness but because everywhere lightness was always the friend of beauty. A barbarian, excluded by birth, stamps his foot, and now, suddenly blessed, he holds my kingdom! See what bitterness Eriphyla found in gifts, and with what misfortunes Creusa burned as a bride. Is there no insult sufficient to quench my tears? Surely this grief will never be far behind your sins? So many days have gone by since desire for the theatre or the arena stirred me, and food gives me no joy.

I should be ashamed, oh, ashamed! But perhaps as they say sinful love is always deaf. I whom envious admiration once considered happy, I too am hardly allowed in, now, one day out of ten. Continual complaints cause dislike in many: a woman is often moved by a silent man.

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Or if anything happens to pain you, deny the pain! She often fondled him, descending into her waters, before she bathed her yoked horses with care. She, when she rested in his arms, by neighbouring India , lamented that day returned too soon. Her joy was greater that old Tithonus was alive, than her grief was heavy at the loss of Memnon. A girl like that was not ashamed to sleep with an old man, or press so many kisses on his white hair.

But you even hate my youth, unfaithful girl, though you yourself will be a bowed old woman on a day not so far away.

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Still, I let care fade, since Cupid is often inclined to be harsh on the man, to whom he was once kind. Now do you even imitate the Britons , stained with woad, you crazy girl, and play games, with foreign glitter painting your cheeks? May there be many an evil for that girl, in the underworld, who, false and foolish, dyes her hair! No games will have the power to corrupt you there, no sanctuary temples giving the most frequent chances for your sins.

Why cry more than Briseis when she was led away? Why weep more sadly than Andromache , the anxious prisoner?

Why do you weary the gods, crazy girl, with tales of my deceit? Why complain my faithfulness has fallen away? But if your name or your beauty did not hold me, the gentleness of your demands might hold me. Many men sought to be yours, you have sought me only: can I fail to remember your qualities?


As many times as Panthus has written a letter to you,. That handsome lover of yours has a wife! So many nights wasted? Let me be ruined, if he seeks anything else but glory from you: he, the husband gains praise from this. So Jason, the stranger, once deceived Medea of Colchis : she was thrown out of the house and next Creusa had it. So Calypso was foiled by Ulysses , the Ithacan warrior: she saw her lover spread his sails. O girls too ready to lend an ear to lovers, having been dropped, learn not to be thoughtlessly kind! You know that before today many girls pleased me equally: you know, Demophoon , many troubles come to me.

O, the theatre was made to be my constant downfall. Whether some girl spreads her white arms in a tender gesture, or whether she sings in various modes! Meanwhile our eyes search out their own wound, if some beauty sits there, her breast not hidden, or if drifting hair strays over a chaste forehead, hair that an Indian jewel clasps at the crown: so that, if she says no to me, perhaps with a stern look, cold sweat falls from my brow. Why do some men slash their arms with sacred knives, and are cut to pieces to frenzied Phrygian rhythms?

Nature at birth gave every man his fault: fate granted me always to love someone. Did the Trojans run from the Greek javelins less? One or the other could destroy ships or walls: in this I am Achilles, in this I am fierce Hector. Why take pleasure in dealing out pointless words? This one pain, above all others, is sharpest for a lover, if she suddenly refuses to come as he hoped.

What great sighs hurl him round his whole bed, as he kills some unknown man, who has been admitted! I who was persuaded to keep away from the public roads, now water fetched from the lake tastes sweet to me. What it costs us, that night that comes just once in a whole year! Let them perish, those who take pleasure in closed doors! So let it be no surprise to you, my seeking common girls: they bring me into less disrepute: surely not a trivial reason?

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Is this what at first you ordered me to take delight in? A moment ago you praised me, and read my poetry: does your love so rapidly avert his wings?

Let that man contend with me in ingenuity, contend in art, let him be taught how to love in one house first. I believe that not a few have been undone by your figure, but I believe that many men have not been true. Theseus took delight for a brief space in Ariadne , Demophoon in Phyllis : both unwelcome guests.

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But no old age would draw me away from loving you, not even if I were Nestor , or I were Tithonus. But I will still endure. More: the lover pleads, when despised: and when wronged confesses sins: and himself returns with reluctant step. Does anyone perform his vows in mid-storm, when often a ship drifts shattered in the harbour? Or demand his prize before the race is run, and the wheel has touched the post seven times?

The favourable breeze plays us false in love: when it comes late, great is the ruin that comes. You, meanwhile, though she still delights in you, contain imprisoned joy in your silent heart. Though she often calls for you, remember, go only once: that which is envied often fails to last.

Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4) Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)
Tangled Roots (Coming Together: Neat Book 4)

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