The Magic of Crystals

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A-Z Crystals. Links to Partners. Terms and Conditions. Ritual Preparation. Selenite , Rose Qtz , sulphur , smudge sticks.

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Quartz Wand, Smudge sticks , Ting Sha. Elemental Invocations. Picture Jasper , citrine , Blue Calcite,. Hematite , Bronzite , Jade,. Amethyst , Rose Quartz , Danburite ,. Spectrolite , Moonstone , Amethyst,. Hematite , Galena,. Lodestone , Jet , Obsidian,.

Quartz Points , Selenite , Kunzite , Danburite,. Spectrolite , Moonstone, Quartz,. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

Description Use this app to learn about crystals, their natural properties and how they align and work with your Energy Centers chakras and Energy Bodies. Mar 8, Version 2. With most interactive spinner. Size Category Lifestyle.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English. App Support Privacy Policy. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Chakra Tuner Jonathan Goldman. Let Go and Let God. Rumi Oracle - Alana Fairchild. Abundance Angels Guidance.

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Whispers of Lord Ganesha. Faery Forest Oracle. Generally I would use it at the Heart Chakra.

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I've also used it successfully in situations where I needed "courage" to accomplish something. I will just carry a piece of it in my pocket for this purpose. A happy stone, a mood elevator. Attunes us to nature. Srengthening, heals holes in aura. Increases physical energy as it brings in more Life Force.

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Helps boost the memory. Softens the rigid boundaries of the intellectual mind so that true inner knowing can be attained. Recommended for those involved in the healing professions. Brings love. Lends energy to the body. Brings joy. Draws prosperity. It is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz Silicone Dioxide and may contain small amounts of iron oxides. The hardness is 7, and the streak is white. It is normally cut into cabochons, engraved, or made into seal stones or rounded, polished, and pierced for necklaces and other items of jewelry.

NAME: The name means "flesh-colored", from [caro], meaning "genitive" and [carnis], meaning "flesh". It was believed that the stone would improve one's outlook, making the individual cheerful and expelling fears.

It is a grounding stone, and associated with the Earth. As such, it is considered practical, sensible and balanced. Cunningham associates the stone with the element of Fire. He suggests it as a talisman against Telepathic invasion. In addition it is used for purification of the blood. It has also been suggested that this stone will stop nose bleeding.

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I use it in the lower Chakras for infertility and impotency for men I use Coral as the feminine counterpart. In addition, I would use this stone for relief of pain from arthritis in men. Reduces stress. Relaxing, peace of mind. Accelerates growth. Aids personal creative expression. Helps one adjust to higher, more rarefied states of awareness. Truth, reliability. Clear speech. Strengthens lungs and thyroid gland. Enhances metabolism.

Crystals 101: Intro to Magic Crystals and Their Energy

Excellent for female disorders. Alleviates fears, guilt, tension. Helps clear subconscious imbalances. Activates feminine qualities. Amplifies throat chakra-creative expression, power, communication. Joy, emotional balance. Banishes greed, envy, selfishness, tension, and stress. Worn for eloquence, success in new undertakings, and to attract friends. Draws out unknown talents. Carry a small piece with you at all times to attract money. Works with emotional, personal insight.

The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals
The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals
The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals
The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals
The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals
The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals
The Magic of Crystals The Magic of Crystals

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