Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure

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I say the same for the Teletubbies.

Winky, The Purple Light And His Great Adventure

They have no personality and can only be told apart by their weird dangly shape things that sit on their noggins. Oh, and don't even get me started on Tinki Winki. No, it's not a Magic Bag Tinki, it's your purse.

Nope, don't wanna hear it. Not that there's anything WRONG with that, of course, but I just think it's funny how everyone acts like he's not gay. What, we can't have a gay character in a kid's show? Why not?? In short, this is one crrazy show, wouldn't you say so Johnny? Johnny: You are correct sir! Ha cha-cha-cha AnishM 20 February This show is truly an extremely weird one.

Of all the kids shows for ages , this one is truly out there. BUT, it is absolutely one of the best shows I have ever found for kids. Especially for very young ones. From my point of view, most of the other kids shows are just too mature for very young kids and are a lot harder to follow and don't really do a great job in developing the kid's mind. The language they use is just right for kids who are still trying to learn to talk.

This show really does a good job of making a kid feel like someone is really talking to them in a way shows understanding of the kid's age and development progress. You can immediately tell that is completely engaged when watching it versus other shows where he's barely half watching. When he is watching an episode and it ends, he literally cries and screams and is truly very sad and upset that he can't watch more for the day.

When he's watching other shows and they end, he really couldn't care less. My only problem is that PBS stopped showing it where I live. Thank god that youtube has it on there. Ohhhhhh,my head hurts! Four creepy-looking "creatures" with television sets in their torsos,doing some strange,nonsensical things that don't make sense and probably give you head aches and trippy nightmares. I know this is a children's show,but I even know some little kids who are afraid to watch these monsters yes,I'm serious. Now,the Skeksis from the "Dark Crystal" on the other hand,are even more lovable than the "Teletubbie" things,and they are pretty frighting enough!

Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure

The last comment i read said that this show should be put under horror. Well you're right! This stupid show scares me. My little sister convinced me to watch it and i regret it ever since. I watched it and it was a drag. You can't understand what they're saying. It's stupid! This does not help little children learn in anyway. I'm actually scared of these stupid little teletubies. This is probably the scariest thing i've seen next to Saw 1,2, and 3. Yo just don't see good children's shows these days. It's so sad. But i'm not surprised. Most PBS shows are usually crappy and not educational to children.

I don't see how anybody can like this show. The stupid baby talk does not help little toddlers with their steps in trying to speak. To be honest, a good parent would keep their children away from this show at all costs. My little sister is 10 and she just got this to make fun of it. It was pretty much pointless for her to even get it. Teletubbies should be rated by the toddlers- not the adults! This show was not made for the adults who are making all the negative comments! The toddlers love it! Little ones love the smiling baby face shown in the sun. Babies and toddlers often turn their eyes away from the real sun since the bright light hurts their eyes but in this show- the sun is a wonderful part of a happy baby's day.

Teletubbies eat together, play together, be silly, hug, and giggle- just like toddlers. I like the fact that this show just draws the toddlers because of color, music, giggles and silliness. It speaks to THEM.

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We don't watch shows for ourselves based on whether or not they are educational. We watch most shows for entertainment! Why wouldn't toddlers watch shows just because they are funny to them? No mommy, don't play that show- I don't know my shapes yet! By the way- please don't let me talk to, or play with other toddlers- they don't articulate properly and I might end up with a speech impediment!

Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous?! There was a day when I, too, did not like Teletubbies. But when I went in a store with my 9 month old, he spotted these Teletubby dolls which were almost as big as he was! After picking them up and surrounding him with them in the cart, he was in love with them!

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Each time I tried to put them down, this little guy cried and shook like he was hurting. This was the beginning of a 4 year obsession that also included Barney.

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He would kiss the TV when the giggling baby sun came on and cry if he missed it. He laughed and giggled! This silly show gave this silly little boy great pleasure.

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  • I would do it all over again just to see my little boy happy, dancing and being silly himself! And guess what? He is no longer a toddler, Teletubbies no longer appeal to him, and now the obsession is with Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Oddparents. Both of which are incredibly annoying shows, but guess what?

    He loves them, they give him a break from work, he laughs and they speak to him at his current age. Those shows are not for adults either and should be rated by the kids whom they are targeted for. Maybe we could take a little lesson from all of this- sometimes you just need to take a break from working and learning to just be silly, love, play, giggle, have fun and relax!

    Maybe there would be less depression and higher morale in this world if we did this ourselves on a regular basis! This show is the epitome of innocence Bryan 11 December I watch this show every day with my two year old sister and she loves this. It may seem inane to all of us mainly because we don't fit in the demographics for this show.

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    They don't speak well but neither do the toddlers. They are on the same level as the toddlers. It's only meant for small children. It bothers me to see people trash this show. I guess some people just can't take children's shows with a simple grain of salt and just keep their annoying comments to themselves.

    XXO Tinsley for Winky Lux Lashes

    After that first viewing, it wasn't long until 'Tubby fever' swept the nation and before I knew it, the Teletubbies were as big as the Spice Girls my favourite girl group from ages 9 to 11 and even got a mention in the ever-so-brilliant 'Spiceworld: The Movie. One episode I can remember is one where there was a parade of animals similar to that in Noah's Ark and 'The Jungle Book,' although most of the story lines are forgettable since I haven't watched this programme for a while.

    This programme even sparked controversy because Tinky Winky was rumoured to be gay due to being a male character who carried a handbag.

    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure
    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure
    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure
    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure
    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure
    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure
    Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure Winky, The Purple Light and His Great Adventure

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